Ostracods belong to the group of Crustaceae. The small carapaces, resembling mussels in shape, are abundant in the sands of the high-water line at the sea shore, and they they are frequently found as microfossiles. The methods used for sampling, preparing and processing are similar to those used in foraminifers.

Usually ostracods are inspected with a stereo-microscope or a microscope, but here we present SEM-images to stress the beauty of the objects and the variety of shape and structure. The diameter of the objects ranges from 0.1 mm to 1 mm. We strongly recommend amateurs to specialize on this group.


All species recent, Sokotra.

All the objects on display are part of the collections of M. HESEMANN and K.-O. BOCK, who made the preparations necessary to obtain the SEM-images.

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