Preparation methods for beginners

The BERLESE mounting medium

Glycerol gelatine / sandwich method

Simple staining methods for botanical sections

How to use NIGLYTIN

Foraminifers, their sampling and processing

The Micro-Aquarium and how to use it

Special methods

Measurement of the refractive indices of liquids and mounting media

Measurement of the refractive indices of mineral crystals

The refractive index, measurement and application in microscopy and in polarized light microscopy (pdf-file, 0.5 MB)

Synthesis of high refraction mounting media / PLEURAX / NAPHRAX / ZRAX

Mounting medium Dammar resin   (Sven Kötter, pdf-file)

Modified Etzold Staining using Titan-yellow  (Sven Kötter, pdf-file)

Optical staining

Paraffin sections, how to make and process them (pdf-file, 6.8 MB)

Optical filters and their application in microscopy (pdf-file, 3 MB )

Leeuwenhoek´s mikroscopes self-assembled (pdf-File)

Microchemical reactions - part 1 (3.6 MB)

Microchemical reactions - part 2 (2.8 MB)

Microchemical reactions - part 3 (3.5 MB)

Stacking and 3D with PICOLAY

Stereo images based on one single photography only

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