SEM images have an extraordinary depth of field - this is impressively demonstrated by SEM-images of insects. We recognize new details and unexpected structures: The cuticle shows intricate structures and is covered with sensory bristles that are connected with mechanoreceptors. These bristles detect vibrations, air currents and contacts and inform the insects about the position of their limbs. Many insects can even hear with these sensory bristles!

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How different insects are constructed can be seen in the next photo series, which displays the claws of various flies. Figure 1 shows a typical claw. Figure 2 diplays a claw with sticky pads. In figure 3 and 4 the claw is missing completely, it is replaced by a pair of very specially built sticky pads, and in the images 5 to 7 we see claws, which cooperate with a moveable "spatula" so that functionally a kind of hand is created. Note the numerous sensory bristles! The last three images show wing scales of a butterfly and their texture (5000x, 20 kV).

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Separate pages are dedicated to diatoms , radiolarians and foraminifers .